Why hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding frequently rates in the top 5 most stressful life events. More and more couples are now choosing a wedding planner to help them create their perfect wedding. There are 3 main advantages of doing so:

1. A wedding planner can save you time!

With the average wedding said to take about 250 hours to plan, it can become an all-consuming project. Modern brides have modern lives and with busy jobs and schedules, many just don’t have this amount of time to spend on endless research, price comparisons, enquiries, appointments and bookings.

2. A wedding planner can save you money!

There is a common misconception that wedding planners are expensive and only for elite or celebrity weddings. Not true! In actual fact, a wedding planner can help couples save money by devising a budget and then sticking to it. They can use the relationships they have built with local wedding suppliers to negotiate the best prices, which are then passed directly to the couple. These savings often end up off-setting the wedding planner’s fee.

3. A wedding planner can save you stress!

Many brides under-estimate the hassle it can be to organise a wedding and end up with sleepless nights, stress and family arguments, culminating in dreading the big day which lies ahead. They can be left feeling utterly exhausted and totally relieved when the day is finally over…not a great start to married life!

Planning a wedding in France
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Many brides have dreamt about their wedding day since they were little girls and having a wedding planner to help can ensure the whole process through to the big day lives up to those dreams. Any bride will tell you that her wedding day whizzed past in a flash ( I know mine certainly did!) but a wedding planner can do all the coordinating and smooth over any little hitches , leaving you to relax and concentrate on the biggest day of your life!

A wedding planner won’t make the decisions for you , but can guide you in your decision-making, helping you to put all those creative ideas into practice. A wedding planner working with all the suppliers and bringing all the elements together is like a conductor and his orchestra. He needs to ensure they are focused, working as a team and keeping to time. The end result is of course…sweet music!

What about destination weddings?

For destination weddings, a wedding planner becomes even more valuable. Someone needs to be there, on location, to act on your behalf. With their vital language skills, local knowledge and contacts, they can make sure all is coordinated seamlessly for you.

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