Top Wedding Trends For 2017

Here at A Dream French Wedding, we love to keep up with the latest gorgeous trends for weddings and tailor them to suit our fabulous brides and grooms. With 2017 just around the corner, we're exploring cakes, first looks, geodes and bold colours for next year's bridal inspiration.


The traditional tiered wedding cake is a fruitcake, topped with marzipan and white icing, served at the wedding breakfast and meant to bring luck to the newlyweds and their guests.

With cakes becoming ever more beautiful and artistic, here's what next year's wedding cakes are likely to include:

  • Marbled Icing – Stone-like beauty, oozing elegance and decorated with delicate flowers for a contrasting effect.
 Marbled Cake.

Credit: Sweet Bakes

  • Metallics – Perfect for a gold or silver wedding theme, this style adds an extra touch of shine to your wedding party.
  • Rustic – Imagine a barn wedding with haystacks and wooden decorations, and then add a wooden effect cake with the happy couple's initials 'carved' in and topped with wild flowers.
Rustic Cake.

Credit:Intricate Icings

  • Macaron Cakes – The macaron trend is still in full swing and isn't going anywhere in 2017. These sweet little treats make a stunning alternative to a sponge cake.
  • Naked Cakes – "No icing?" We hear you shout! That's right, stacked sponges of various sizes, colours and flavours are shown off in their full glory in this totally 'bare'able style.

'First Looks' Photography

Although tradition dictates that the groom does not see his bride before the ceremony, 'first looks' photos are taking the wedding world by storm. These treasured photos show the groom seeing his beloved for the first time, in an intimate moment before they say their vows in front of their guests.

We have organised first looks photo shoots for couples before so if it is something that you would like then we can work together to arrange the perfect way to capture the special moment, exactly as you would like it.


Geodes are huge in the worlds of fashion and interiors so of course they're going to make an appearance in weddings during the coming year. Their bright and unusual appearance can give an almost ethereal look to centrepieces, candles, invitation design and even cake decorations.

Geode Centrepiece.

Credit:Katherine O'Brien

Plunge Necklines

One of the wedding dress styles that featured heavily at this year's Bridal Fashion Week was v-neck and plunge necklines, adding a touch of subtle sexiness without sacrificing on elegance. Isabelle Armstrong and Romona Kevesa were among the designers showcasing the style on the New York catwalk.

Wedding Dress

Credit:Romona Keveza

Whatever look or theme you want for your wedding, A Dream French Wedding can make it a reality. From traditional looks to any of these new trends and more, we will work with you to create a perfect day you'll remember forever.

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