Very Berry Weddings

I couldn’t wait to write this post as it combines two of my most favourite things- September and the bright, bold shades of red. September has been such a lovely month with plenty of late-summer sunshine and Autumn has now crept in round the corner with its kaleidoscope of colours. The perfect month for a woodland or garden wedding! Red teams perfectly with forest greens and browns for an inspiring wedding palette. Plump ’n’ glossy berries are in abundance at the moment and there are so many things to add to them to create your bouquet: seed heads, fruits, twigs and leaves. Using seasonal flowers and foliage in your wedding bouquet is both fitting and economical.

So here is a scrumptious bouquet of mini calla lilies, ranunculus, velveteen roses and hypericum berries from Chenin Boutwell at www.cheninboutwell.com. Her photography is so beautiful, I love how she captures those special little moments on the big day.

berry red bouquet.

In my (humble) opinion, nothing says romance and passion like red!

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