Summer Wedding in the Dordogne

I am thrilled to be sharing the fabulous wedding of Frankie and Alex with you, photographed by the very talented Mr Rik Pennington, based in London but also travelling to destination weddings across the globe and here in the Dordogne.

When Frankie and Alex first contacted me, they were living in Australia and their busy careers meant they wouldn't be able to come to France for the usual food and wine tastings, beauty trials etc. In fact they wouldn't be able to come to choose their venue either! Now choosing your wedding venue is a bit like choosing your house to buy; not many would consider it without a visit. However, after lengthy discussions with them about their exact vision and requirements and after I'd sent them tons of photos and details and honest opinions, the choice was made! They chose a beautiful, understated Chartreuse with grand entrance arch and huge Chai (wine store barn). It is situated not far from Bergerac with its historic centre and airport.

Alex' Mum is French and so they were keen to incorporate some French traditions as well as those from the UK and Australia. They opted for a French trio of musicians who played during the ceremony and champagne reception- a perfect blend of both French and English laid-back classics. Frankie made her grand entrance to an acoustic version of "Here comes the Sun" and happily, the weather didn't disappoint! They served their guests delicious French cuisine with plenty of good cheese and wine.

 Chartreuse in the Dordogne.
 Wedding Venue, Dordogne.
  Wedding Preparations.
 Wedding Champagne.
 Wedding Balloons.
 Wedding Suit.

 Ceremony florals.
 The Bride's Dress.

 The Groom.
 The dress.
 Final preparations.
 First Look.
 Awaiting the bride.
 Here comes the Bride!
 Bride and her Father.
 French Wedding Musicians.

 Wedding Vows.

 The Ceremony.
 Stone Archway.
 Cheers...we did it!
 Champagne Reception overlooking the valley.
 Mary Poppins moment!
 Couple photos
 Stone Archway
 Couple photos
 Sunset amid the straw bales
 French cuisine made to share!
 First Dance

Frankie and Alex' wedding was a relaxed and intimate day full of laughter and happiness, one that holds a special place in my memories!

The chartreuse offers accommodation for up to 32 people and a fabulous, renovated barn to seat up to 200 people with catering and toilet facilities attached, making it an ideal venue for a laid-back summer wedding.

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