French weddings; keeping in contact!

One of the most difficult parts of being a wedding planner is once the wedding is finished, the regular contact with couples that I have grown really fond of naturally draws to an end. So I am always delighted to hear from previous brides and grooms, telling me all about their new jobs, new homes and new additions!
Lisa and Michael, past clients of A Dream French Wedding
Lisa and Michael were just the nicest couple to plan a wedding for and I really enjoyed their wedding day so I was delighted and quite touched when they recently sent me this photo of themselves alongside their newborn daughter, Megan.
Lisa, Michael and Mega, past clients of A Dream French Wedding

I love my job as a wedding planner! Being so close to couples and their families in the organisation of such an important day in their lives is a real honour and I must admit I always have to have a tissue to hand when they say their heartfelt vows!
Amour, warmly supported by A Dream French Wedding

A wedding gives a lifetime of memories and I can assure you they're not just for the guests....

À bientôt!

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