French Circus Wedding - Pierre and Christine


I am really happy today to be sharing a cute circus wedding sent to me by Davidone photography. The wedding was in eastern France, back in April of this year. Christine is an illustrator and Pierre a photographer so together they wanted to have a creative, fun wedding where all the guests could really enjoy themselves and let their hair down.

French circus wedding.
French circus wedding.
pronuptia dress,french wedding.
French circus wedding groom.

The amazing circus tent set the red colour scheme for the day and the styling inside was white and red: balloons, stripy straws, glass jars with home-made candles, embroidered mats, a few flowers and a candy floss maker!

circus tent for wedding.
inside circus tent.
circus themed photo-booth.
circus wedding, the kiss.
circus wedding, groom.
circus wedding, bride.
French circus wedding flowers.
French circus wedding flowers.
French circus wedding candyfloss.

The horse and cart was a special surprise for Christine, who loved horse-riding as a child.

horse and cart.
horse and cart.
horse and cart.

David explained that the masks were used for the photo booth on the wedding day, but Pierre and Christine were also keen to include them in their day-after shoot…this is a fun-loving couple who don’t take things too seriously. Christine’s dress was from Pronuptia, which she teamed with snazzy pink boots from Annabel Winship. I just adore brides opting for bold shoes on their wedding day! Pierre’s suit was from Vivienne Westwood.

photo shoot masks.
photo shoot masks.

Christine’s simple bouquet of muguets de bois or 'lily of the valley' is said to bring good luck and happiness. They are a popular French custom each springtime, during the lead up to May 1st (which is a bank-holiday).You can see people selling, giving and wearing this sweet-scented flower throughout France.

French circus wedding bride.
French circus wedding .
French circus wedding .
French circus wedding .
French circus wedding dancing.

Many thanks to Davidone for his beautiful photos and to Pierre and Christine for sharing their special day.

Photography by www.davidone.fr
Dress by www.pronuptia.com
Shoes by www.annabelwinship.com
Suit by www.viviennewestwood.com

À bientôt!

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