A Dream French Wedding re-look

Bonjour everyone!

Well it has been a while since my last post; my wedding planning website has had a little facelift and now is re-launching with its new look. Please pop on over and take a peek!
The main change is the addition of a 'venues' page with some of my beautiful French wedding venues now sorted into 4 categories for future brides and grooms to browse. I have always maintained that for weddings in France, one size does NOT fit all and so I am really proud to promote a wide range of lovely venues, to suit all styles and wallets.

French wedding chateaux

Many couples getting married in France are looking for the typical elegant chateau, stately in style and with opulent interiors. Gold panelling, four-poster beds, sparkling chandeliers...weddings with the wow factor!

Elegant Dordogne wedding chateau.
opulent french wedding.
French wedding ceremony.

But equally, there are many couples who are looking for something much more informal, full of rustic old-world charm, where guests can truly relax and unwind. Chateaux with turrets and balconies, old wine stores for wedding dancing, hunting trophies on the walls!

romantic wedding chateau.
French shabby chic wedding table.
Ancient wedding chateau.

Then there are those future-weds that are really looking to think-outside-the-wedding-box. A quirky manor house or a picturesque watermill may be just the ticket to create a more bohemian and unique wedding day.

French rustic wedding.
Wedding in France, a rustic country chateau.
Riverside wedding.

Whatever the style of venue you prefer, remember to also be practical in your choice; think of your wedding day as 4 separate parts (ceremony, champagne reception, wedding meal, evening dancing)and consider if your favourite venue has some different areas for each part...this adds interest to the day and somehow makes it seem longer.
Equally, whilst the weather in France is usually warm and sunny, you need to have a wet-weather plan B in the back of your mind. For summer weddings, be mindful too of the heat...38 degrees is not enjoyable for sitting out in full sun! Often a ceremony and champagne reception outdoors is enough for guests and they welcome a sit-down meal inside, out of the heat.
Some couples prefer a venue that can accommodate all or most of their wedding guests, others see the benefit in having just a small number of close family and friends staying on site, this is a good way of ensuring the venue isn't seen until the wedding day and has that wow-factor when guests first arrive.
Whatever wedding venue you dream of, you can be sure that there is a chateau or manoir in the Dordogne Valley to fulfill your dreams!
A bientôt,

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