Antique Lace

Lace . . . it epitomises romance and femininity. It has been a popular choice in 2011 for both bridal wear and in women’s fashion generally. When Kate Middleton married Prince William in her stunning lace dress (inspired perhaps by that of Grace Kelly?) she no doubt ensured the trend will continue to grow in 2012. I think we’ll see a lot more lace, with Kate-inspired dresses as well as Victorian ones, plus more modern interpretations too. Lace can be a strong design element, so may be best with just accents used here and there, alongside other vintage touches. A style-savvy bride could choose lace accessories to compliment a more simple dress such as gloves, garter, hairpiece, a dainty parasol or an embellishment on her shoes. And of course, with many brides choosing to do the DIY thing, lace can be used for making invitations, favours, table decorations, buttonholes etc.

Antique lace epitomises romance and femininity
Photography Credits: bride by www.fabrephotographedemariage.com, invitation by www.bstudioweddinginvitations.com, cupcakes by www.cottonandcrumbs.co.uk flowers by www.laceandbow.tumblr.com. Created with a Project Wedding inspiration board at www.projectwedding.com

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